Ryke Tube 溢流管

The Ryke effect is generally counted under the pulse combustion phenomena. The working principle is more or less the same.
As a result of the oscillating gasses, even solid particles can be moved in a fluidized way, the spouting bed conditionings often occurs. The energy for this conditioning is not delivered by costly roots blowers but is extracted directly from the fuel. About 5 % of the power input by the fuel is converted to kinetic energy, into high gas velocities and they move the particles.
气体的振荡作用结果,使固体颗粒也呈流动状态运动,这样就形成了喷射床的条件。这种 动能不是来自风机的运行,而是来自燃料燃烧。大约5%燃料的能量转化为动能,由高速 流动的气体带动固体颗粒的运动。