Foundation Impulse 脉冲基金

The aim of the foundation Impulse is to guide and to support the development of pulsating combustion, as well in domestic appliances as in industrial equipment.
The foundation targets her goals by actively creating corporations with Private persons, Companies and Research groups. The main instrument of the cooperation is the sharing of Know-how between the Partners of the Foundation Impulse.
基金鼓励企业和个人,公司及研究机构的积极合作,主要手段是基金会的各成员间要相互分 享技术知识。

Nowadays the foundation has made contact with most people who are working in the field of Pulse combustion all over the world. The number of people who are working in this field is rapidly increasing. The main centers of research are in the USA, Holland and Japan, but also in France Russia and Germany more and more money is invested in the research on pulsating combustion.
如今基金会已经使全世界更多的从事脉冲燃烧技术的人加强合作,使这从事这一领域研究 的人数不断增加。主要的研究中心设在美国,荷兰和日本,但是在法国,俄罗斯和德国,越来越多的资金已经投入到脉冲燃烧的研究。
In the EM Group mainly European scientists and commercial people work together by means of the foundation Impulse.
在EM 集团,主要是欧洲科学家和商业人士在脉冲基金的支持下共同进行研究。

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