History 发展历史

In 1936 F.H. Reynst ( born in the Netherlands ) applied for a patent on a method of generating and transferring heat by means of pulsating combustion.
1936 年,F.H. Reynst(生于荷兰)把利用脉冲燃烧生成并传递热量的方法申请为专利技术。
In "The Collected Works of F.H. Reynst" he is presented as the discoverer of pulse combustion. This is to have taken place in 1929 when he was a student in Zurich.
Presumably this is not correct, but without doubt he may be qualified as the person who did contribute the most to the knowledge of pulse combustion in those early days. In course of time pulse combustion has become well-known all over the world. Quite a large number of persons and institutes have been working on the subject. For example Battelle, Junker, A.G.A., Snecma and many more.
在 “F.H. Reynst 全集”中他被誉为脉冲燃烧技术的发现者,推算起来应发生在1929 年,但当时他还是苏黎世的一名学生,这显然是不准确的。但毫无疑问的是他应该是早期对脉冲 燃烧理论贡献最多的人。随着时间的推移,脉冲燃烧逐渐被全世界的人所熟悉,有相当多的 学者和机构已经开始研究这个课题,例如Battelle, Junker, A.G.A., Snecma,还有很多。
One of the results was for example the V1 created by the Germans in the second World war
一个最典型的例子是德国人在二战时期发明的V1 模型。