History of pulsating combustion:

In 1936 F.H. Reynst ( born in the Netherlands ) applied for a patent on a method of generating and transferring heat by means of pulsating combustion.
In "The Collected Works of F.H. Reynst" he is presented as the discoverer of pulse combustion. This is to have taken place in 1929 when he was a student in Zurich. Presumably this is not correct, but without doubt he may be qualified as the person who did contribute the most to the knowledge of pulse combustion in those early days. In course of time pulse combustion has become well-known all over the world. Quite a large number of persons and institutes have been working on the subject. For example Battelle, Junker, A.G.A., Snecma and many more.

One of the results was for example the V1 created by the Germans in the second World war.