Im Folgenden finden Sie einige typische Referenzen von Geräten, die wir hergestellt haben.

PMI Thermal oxidation of process gas.

With air / air  heat recovery systems.

Cargill Bio-Chemical CO, LTD China

R.T.O for thermal oxidation of process gas with hydrocarbon based vapors

Combustor, used to completely burn hydrocarbons entrained in a nitrogen stream.

including a heat recovery system to preheating process air.

Explosion proof construction.

Placed within a Atex restricted zone.

Low NOx HFO Burner

HFO fuel, Low NOx burner.

Process Units

Process units (PU)

Piping for special purposes.

ATEX/SIL certified

Lapicor NV

R.T.O for thermal oxidation of process air with hydrocarbons and methylene chloride

Layout: Combustor for the treatment of proces air poluted with hydrocarbons and methylene chloride

Heat of the R.T.O will be recuperated by a hot water boiler.

Complete boiler of stainless steel, one track flame tube boiler.


Incinerator for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and VOC treatment.

Incl. water quench to recuperate sulphuric acid

Biogast AEB Amsterdam

Combustor for autarc off-gas  incineration where the heat is used in the district heating system in Amsterdam. The equipment is placed in a 10F container.

Membrane permeate with a heating value 3 till 10 MJ/Nm3 (15 till 18 % CH4) resulting from biogas upgrading to grid specs.


R.T.O for thermal oxidation of process gas with hydrocarbon based vapors, type Combustor.

1 MW Combustor, used to completely burn (<1 mg/nm3) hydrocarbons entrained within a nitrogen stream.

Starts up and shuts down several times a day (full capacity reached in 10 Min).

Explosion proof construction.

Placed within an Atex restricted zone.


RTO for paint oven to reduce smoke and smell.

The burners normally used for the heating of the oven are used for simultaneous after burning.


R.T.O for thermal oxidation of process air with vapors.

Combustor for the treatment of 30.000 Nm3/hr polluted with solvents.

The heat of a gas turbine is used to preheat the polluted air.

Then the air is further pre-heated with the help of the exhaust gasses and disposed off through a steam boiler and hot water unit.

Steam boiler is a one track flame tube boiler with integrated economiser (10 tons/hr @ 32 Bars).

Biogast Beverwijk
Combustor for off-gas 100nm3 at 15% CH4.
Incl hot water boiler 120 Kwatt.
Quest international
Incinerator 2.5 MWatt for gaseous and fluid waste in an explosion dangerous environment.
USF Rossmark (Vivendi)
Incinerator 2.5 PC 7 MWatt, complete and automatic thermal oxidation and disposal of 5.5 ton / h. sludge from a water treatment plant., Warri Nigeria.
Afval Verwerking Rijnmond (AVR) Rozenburg
Turn key project; Incinerator for Active carbon cokes, polluted with dioxins, halogens, sulphur and mercury, originated from a flue gas filter installation. Capacities 100 tot 1000 kg/Hr. 5 MWatt. Including the pneumatic transport over 200 meters.
Off gas duct diameter 1000 mm. long 25 meters. Flue gasses loaded with abrasive particles, speed over 60 m/sec. temp. 850 tot 1100° C.
Benegas Putten / BP gas
Incinerator with fully automatic purge process for liquid propane gas tanks. 250 KWatt.
Eurocast B.V. Apeldoorn
Two fully automatic thermal oxidation installations for the off-gas of 6 ovens for lost foam or Wax moulding method. ( Aluminium, Titanium.)
F.G. Detectie technieken
6 - 80 MWatt Pulse combustors used in enclosed ground flare installations for the petrochemical and hydrocarbon winning with total inputs of 400 MWatt.
Tri sure Greif Amsterdam
Two fully automatic thermal oxidation installations for the off-gas of oil drum-capsels ovens.
Institut für Bauwstoff und Umweltschutz Technologie Weimar B.R.D. Pulsating cyclone combustion, (Nano) powders and granulates combined with the smelting of the ashes. Temp. 850 tot 1500° C.
Faber Creil
2 mobile pulse combustion hot water units 150 KWatt and 1 MWatt for foam-concrete pouring. Around 0° C.
Europa Nijkerk
Development of a pulsating high economy, low NOx, CH. Boiler 20 KWatt.
Neuman G.M.B.H. Eschweiler
Cooperation between Hec., Neuman and EMGroup for the development of a sewage and paper sludge dryer 0.5 MWatt. Pulsating.
Frans van Zaal De Kwakel Aalsmeer
Decentralized pulsating hot water generators for greenhouses high economy Low-NOx 100 KWatt.
Technical university Delft
Rice hull gasification, gasification oven for the cement production.
Koopmans meelfabrieken Leeuwarden
Turn key project replacement of two rotating drum wheat dryers with a pre- combustion room into a shaft dryer installation, the fully automatic handling and steaming facilities and the wheat hull recuperation. 8 tons/HR.
E.E.S. international Tiel
Cooperation between E.E.S. en EMGroup for the development of solar boilers with a pulsating combustion topside burner. High economy Low-NOx 17 KWatt.
Picus Luxe houten en kleinverpakkingen. Eindhoven
Thermal oil heater unit 250° C. 75 KWatt.
Smit Sinus B.V. Rotterdam
Two air heaters for enameling dryers Smalterie Lombarde Italy. Pulsating combustion, Low-NOx 100 KWatt.
Waterschap zuivering Limburg
Explosion save pulsating burner installation for the water lock of a gas holder. Waterzuivering Schinveld.
Waterschap zuivering Limburg
Automation of the sand disposal and container loading. Water purifying plant Hoensbroek.
Claushuis Metaal
Mercury loading station, under zero emissions conditions.
Claushuis Metaal
Mercury distillation flotation and cleaning installation, regeneration to Virgin quality.
Gas unie groningen
Development of a pulsating burner for general drying purposes.
Haser Inverness G.B.
Cooperation between Haser, Nasa ( Los Allamos ) and EMGroup in the field of co generation heat and power. Pulsating combustion combined with acoustic thermocouples and a Wells turbine.
Amylum Aalst
Pulsating combustor for the drying of starch.
Europa Nijkerk
Development of a pulsating high economy, low NOx, Ch. Boiler 100 KWatt.